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PMS Stratech or Mews:

Do you want to see your Stratech or Mews data in Power BI? For both Stratech (Holliday parks) and Mews (Hotels and Hostels), we build dashboards with standard reports in it. With an overview of the daily important data and also YTD comparison for one or multiple Hotels or Hostels, as wel as bookings made today and an import of budgets. Want to know more? Please see the demo below.

POS Vendit or Lightspeed:

Are you using the cash register systems of Vendit or Lightspeed? We have build the connections to the databases. The dashboards show your revenue and Year To Date comparison. We can also show info about the time registration. Want to see how this looks like in Power BI?

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Demo Power BI based on the Mews API connected to the Microsoft Azure Mews demo database:

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